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Through years of experience in the Broadcast and Telecommunications Industry, we developed technology in continuous expansion with innovative approaches. We share the passion for technology with our clients and continuously in partnership during all phases of the business development, with a total commitment to guarantee an unmatched quality of service and performance.

Tube Microphone in Studio


We are delighted to present ourselves as specialized in the consulting, studying, planning, installing, 
maintaining and all engineering services with professional, modular and reliable equipment for


Broadcast FM radio stations (Studios and transmitters)

. Infrastructure and Insulation 
. On-Air studio 
. Production Studio 
. Master Control Room (MCR) 
. Digital Audio and Broadcast Automation System 
. Transmitting System 
. UHF Link 
. Microwave Link 
. Antenna System 
. Mast Tower 
. Internet streaming 
. Outside Broadcasting 
. Technical Furniture and Accessories 

Video Solution Including

. Infrastructure and Insulation 
. TV studio & control room 
. Continuity & Play out site 
.Editing Suite 
.News system 

. Lighting System 
. OB & SNG 
. Satellite system 
. Voice Over solution


Archiving system (audio & video)

. Digital Archiving 
. Digitization 

Recording Studio


- Conference system 

- Voice Communications 

- Radar Systems 

- IT Solution

We are motivated by the needs of our clients. This often means achieving a balance between the 
technical and commercial requirements of each assignment; helping clients to evaluate and integrate 
leading edge technologies to build the system that enable the latest techniques in efficient workflow, 
content management and Automation. The result is realistic budgets and targets, established supplier 
relationships and well-managed risk; all of which combine to deliver consistently successful projects 
around the world

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